20-20-20 Rule: Reduce Eye Strain At Work

OVERVIEW 20-20-20 rule The 20-20-20 rule might facilitate scale back eye strain whereas employing a laptop or another device with a screen. Focusing on a screen isn’t seemingly to cause permanent injury, however it will cause complications like headache, shoulder pain, or dry eyes. Children could also be less alert to the symptoms of eye … More 20-20-20 Rule: Reduce Eye Strain At Work

Survey on Sentiment analysis on E-commerce

Analysis of sentiment is the process of computationally identifying and categorizing opinions expressed in a pieces of text, especially in order to determine whether the writer’s attitude is positive, negative or neutral towards a particular topic or product. It is the technique due to which we can evaluate the large amount of available data and … More Survey on Sentiment analysis on E-commerce

Finding the right outsourcing agency

Outsourcing has become increasingly popular over the last decade for Software development. There are many benefits to outsourcing the development projects to an offshore development agency. Like cost reductions, capacity and skillset increases, client can focus on their core activities etc. However to find or choose a correct offshore agency partner is quite tricky and … More Finding the right outsourcing agency

Benefits of Organizational Diversity to organization

What you think if individual is selected for particular job profile? Is it because he has the qualities which can justify the job profile or the he or she belongs to particular caste, color or religion? The answer of this question is simple that interviewer feels that person can contribute in the organizational goal by … More Benefits of Organizational Diversity to organization

Introduction to Organizational diversity

Many times in our daily routine life we heard the term Diversity, Normally when we come across this word, we find it the mixture of the gender, race, caste, culture etc.  Setting where there is no discrimination on the base of these characters. In an organizational framework, diversity defines the equal opportunity and the employment … More Introduction to Organizational diversity

7 Tips which can help you build awesome iPhone Apps

To develop an iPhone application is time consuming but rewarding job. Success is not guaranteed when any iPhone application is developed. This article will share some useful tips to increase the chances of success of your iPhone application. iOS has created new benchmarks in UI/UX and gives the perfect platform to deliver engaging and powerful … More 7 Tips which can help you build awesome iPhone Apps